Topline is committed to providing the best possible care for your horse.

At Topline it is very important to us that your horse is getting what it needs to be healthy, happy and content. We recognize that all horses have individual needs specific to their breed, age, personality, amount of work, health issues, and seasonal conditions. Based on discussions with the owners, horses at Topline will be placed on an individual program to ensure that their needs are met for optimum condition and performance. A unique feature of Topline is that the footing in the paddocks and around the facility is incredibly well drained, ensuring a mud free environment for the benefit of your horses health and comfort year round.

  • For the riders, Topline provides a heated lounge, individual tack lockers, spacious enclosed tack up area and access to all the facilities. With an indoor arena, 3 large outdoor arenas, cross country fields, round pen and easy access to trails, there is plenty of riding space to ensure that everyone can enjoy the facilities in a spacious and relaxed environment.
  • Each horse at Topline has full time turnout in a large private paddock with an attached stall, bedded on rubber mats and wood shavings.
  • Topline offers a variety of high quality hay types for your horse depending on its requirements and each paddock has a heated automatic water trough that is set to an optimal temperature to provide fresh cool water year round for maximum water consumption.
  • All fencing is wooden post and rail with a top electric wire.
  • At Topline we recognize that an important aspect of a horses well being is the ability to socialize in a natural herd environment, graze and exercise freely. To achieve this, pasture turnout into small groups based on gender, size and personality is an option offered to all boarders. Only horses that are well socialized, safe and easy to handle will qualify for pasture turnout.
  • The outdoor lighting at Topline provides for an enjoyable riding and boarding experience late into the evening, accommodating a variety of work and school schedules.
  • For young riders the school bus conveniently stops at the driveway, allowing children easy access to stables.
  • Boarders have the option to muck their own paddocks daily or pay to have it done for them.
Monthly Fee Schedule (all prices include GST)
Board Packages Include:
  • Feeding a customized ration of hay specific to your horses needs
  • Feeding your grain once a day each morning
  • Heated automatic water troughs supply fresh cool water year roun
  • Pasture turnout 2-3 days a week provides opportunity for horses to graze and socialize in a natural herd environment.
  • Use of all facilities including:
    • Covered arena (20x40m) with mounted mirrors
    • Dedicated 25x75m dressage ring
    • Large dedicated jumping arena (100mX50m) with a full complement of show jumps and adjacent derby terrain
    • All purpose 40mX70m arena
    • 50 foot round pen
    • Private fenced fields and wooded trails provides a safe, enjoyable schooling and fitness opportunity with access to cross-country jumps, ditches and a water complex.
Blanket Management $30.00
Daily Boarding Rate
(for long term boarders that arrive part way through the month)
Monday-Friday: 5 days per week/ owner is responsible to muck on weekends.
7 days a week.
Providing quality horse care in a fun and safe environment where the riders support each other in their pursuit of equine achievement and excellence.
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