Topline Stables offers quality English riding instruction to students of all levels.

Topline Stables is pleased to have the following qualified coaches available for lessons:

Coach Lesson Rate/Details (prices include tax)
Rebecca Clyburn $40/private
Sonya Campbell $50/private
Note: the above costs are for riders that own their own horse.

Payment: Lessons must be paid for in full prior to the start of each lesson.

Cancellation policy: A minimum of 12 hours notice is required. A cancellation fee of $30.00 will be charged for lessons that are missed or cancelled without prior notice.

For more information about any of our lesson options please contact Sonya Campbell:

Lessons at Topline Stables

Have you always wanted to experience the wonderful world of horses? If so, Topline offers two fun and safe Introductory programs that provide an opportunity for people of any age to experience horses and learn how to handle and ride them safely.

Introduction to Horsemanship Program

Between March and November, Topline offers two consecutive levels for enthusiastic beginner riders consisting of four weeks each. The Introduction to Horses and Horsemanship Program is a planned progression of horse handling, stable management and riding skills, with an emphasis on fun, safety and education. The program is designed to provide enthusiastic horse lovers with an opportunity to gain hands on experience and gain confidence. Lessons are scheduled for one hour of private instruction with a certified coach.

Level Cost
Level 1
Students will learn how to safely catch and lead their horse, groom, tack up, mount and dismount properly, apply the correct aids to make a horse go, stop and turn while being ridden in walk and trot, with instruction emphasis on balance and riding position.
(4 lessons)
Level 2
Riders will continue to further advance their horsemanship and riding skills, working to improve balance and control in the walk and trot.
(4 lessons)

Upon completion of the program or for riders that already have solid basics, private lessons may be arranged.

After Course Completion Cost
Private Lesson
includes use of a lesson horse
Working Student (ages 10 years+)
Includes a private lesson with use of a lesson horse and some additional stable management experience. These lessons are suitable for ages 10 years and over. These lessons are set up for an hour of private instruction with a coach followed by 30 minutes of hands on experience caring for and managing the horse under light supervision. Activities may include grooming, tacking up, cooling out, mucking etc.

Required Riding Attire

  • All students must wear appropriate footwear at all times while working around and riding horses. Appropriate footwear is a hard-soled shoe with a proper heel.
  • An ASTM-SEI Certified Riding Helmet must be worn at all times when mounted. Some helmets are available for use on site.
  • Riders must wear a long or short sleeve shirt that covers the shoulders
  • Long pants suitable for riding or breeches/jodhpurs
  • Optional items include half-chaps & gloves
Providing quality horse care in a fun and safe environment where the riders support each other in their pursuit of equine achievement and excellence.
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